"...Your Leaders Lecture Series really is THE speaking forum in Toronto, prestigious in its roll of honour, supremely and professionally executed as an event. Congrats, well done and thanks!"
Bank Of Montreal
"This was the first Speakers Forum event I've attended and was very impressed with all aspects of the session. The presentation was informative, timely, concise with just the right amount of technical detail."
Heinz Company of Canada
"Please allow me to also voice my assessment of the program. It was extremely beneficial and enlightening and will be an asset in our efforts to prepare for the looming event."
ING Bank of Canada
"...the speech was fascinating and I was particularly interested in his views on several environmental issues. I thoroughly enjoyed it and was very much impressed..."
Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty
"Thanks for the invitation. It was a fascinating talk."
Human Resources Professionals Association of Ontario
"Excellent speaker! As usual, everyone enjoyed the luncheon."
EnerSys Canada Inc.
“I certainly enjoyed Lester Thurow and thank you again on behalf of OMOD and our special guests . . . I am going to focus on having a group of business women for the next luncheon and really look forward to it."
“Hey Jim, that was a great lunch. Just a pleasure to listen to Thurow – could have easily sat another couple of hours & enjoyed his comments. Thanks again."
Jeff Brockman, C.A.
"Jim, I really enjoyed all aspects of yesterday's luncheon . . . from the guest's viewpoint, it is perfectly orchestrated. Everyone leaves smiling. Thank you for a great day."
Constance Hill
"Congratulations on Dr. Ken Robinson's speech at the luncheon today . . . great, entertaining, insightful and 'bang on target.'"
The Pente Corporation
"... I was pleased to be able to attend this very interesting event."​
Ontario Premier Mike Harris
"... I am extraordinarily impressed by the quality of your luncheon speaker series and look forward to attending future forums."
Olympic Trust of Canada
"...I very much enjoyed joining you on that occasion and look forward to seeing you in the near future..."
The Hon. David R. Peterson
"I would like to thank you sincerely, for providing me with the opportunity to participate in your luncheon forum. The exposure did wonders for IT Staffing!"
IT Staffing
"Congratulations! The luncheon featuring General Colin L. Powell turned out to be a tremendous success. Thanks to you, over 1400 people were given the opportunity to share his unique vision on global changes. Everything from the head table presentation ceremonial, to the pacing of the event, the quality of the attendants, and the discretion of the security people could not have been better coordinated. We are proud to be associated with such an event, which will certainly reflect positively on our image and position Diners Club International as a leader in the business community."
President, Diners Club International
"Our guests were very pleased to be in attendance . . . our organization has benefited enormously from the media and other exposure you provided."
Ontario March of Dimes
"...Absolutely excellent!"
Nortel Networks
"...enjoyed our discussion as well as the entire event..."
Canadian Chamber of Commerce
"...It was truly a fascinating and thought provoking lecture which I thoroughly enjoyed..."
Ontario Medical Association
"...an outstanding success..."
London Life Insurance Company
“I really enjoyed hearing Dick Pound's insights into the Olympic Movement, and it certainly was a great opportunity to meet some of Canada's finest athletes. (The networking was great as always!) Again, a first class event."
"...a most enjoyable occasion. I look forward to seeing you again at future Speakers Forum events..."
British Consul-General
"...terrific speaker and his approach was very refreshing."
Hitachi Data Systems
"...good networking opportunity..."
Industry Canada
"...I enjoyed the occasion immensely..."
Newbridge Networks Corporation
"...thanks once again for including me as your head table guest..."
Carlson Wagonlit Travel
"I found the presentation enlightening and entertaining. Once again, Speakers Forum has delivered a first-class production"
Retail Merchants' Association of Canada (Ontario) Inc
"It was a great group and I really enjoyed it."
York University
"I thought his remarks were incisive and witty . . . it was great, congrats!"
Honoury Consul General, Ireland
"I was keenly interested in the presentation and was pleased to be a part of the event"
Jean Augustine, M.P., Etobicoke, Lakeshore